An Encore Performance at the Spine & Joint Surgery Center


After one successful operation at the Joint Surgery Center at Flagstaff Medical Center, Don Daly didn’t think twice about where to turn when he needed surgery again.


Pain in both knees that kept Daly from his everyday activities brought him to Flagstaff Medical Center for a right knee replacement in May 2007. By choosing the Spine & Joint Sugery Center at FMC, he expected to undergo a successful operation and begin experiencing less pain. What surprised him was the personalized care, homelike atmosphere and attentive medical staff he encountered during his stay – all of which are the reason why he returned for a second knee replacement operation.

“I had never been in a hospital so wonderful until I came to FMC and the Spine & Joint Surgery Center,” Daly said. “The care I received after my first surgery was so amazing, I wouldn’t even think about going anywhere else.”


Secrets of Success

What set the Spine & Joint Surgery Center apart for Daly? He said he always felt informed, received medications and meals on time and was constantly asked for feedback on how he was feeling and what the staff could do to improve his experience.

“I have been cared for at other facilities and have never had medical personnel treat me this well,” Daly said. “My second surgery was no exception – the staff made what could have been a painful recovery experience much easier and more enjoyable.”

Having a designated unit of the hospital where all staff are trained in meeting the

specific needs of joint replacement patients is certainly one of the keys to a successful recovery at FMC – and why patients return if additional surgeries are needed.

“We were so happy to have Don back for his second surgery – to the staff, when patients return, it’s like seeing family or old friends,” said Sherry Mace, M.S., F.N.P.c., joint care coordinator at the FMC Spine & Joint Surgery Center. “Patients appreciate the highly specialized care they receive here, and they appreciate that we don’t treat them as sick, but instead as people who have active lives to return to.”


Springing Back into Life

Thanks to the Spine & Joint Surgery Center at FMC, Daly is on the road to recovery and ready to return to the things he enjoys. He and his wife – both outdoors enthusiasts – took a trip to Yellowstone National Park to celebrate Daly’s recovery just nine weeks after his

first surgery.

“Before my surgeries, I couldn’t work or be as active as I enjoy,” Daly said. “I’m excited about getting back to work and play again, and I am so thankful I chose FMC – the first and second time around.”


For more information on spine or joint surgery at FMC, please call 928 214-2812.