Easing the Pain - 1,000 times

When Northern Arizona resident Curtis LeBlanc, 46, first started experiencing joint pain, he did not seek help right away, hoping it would go away with time. Unfortunately, his condition slowly progressed, and after more than a year of stiff joints and pain, LeBlanc sought help at Flagstaff Medical Center.

On Feb. 9, LeBlanc underwent anterior hip replacement surgery by Amber Randall, M.D., orthopedic surgeon, and became the 1,000th patient cared for by the FMC Spine & Joint Surgery Center. Thanks to the pre-admission class, he felt completely prepared for his procedure.

Today, LeBlanc continues going to physical therapy two to three times a week and already is back to most of his normal activities. He also is spreading the word about the knowledgeable staff at FMC and how others with joint pain should not wait to get help.

“I tell people their joint pain will not improve on its own. It will only get worse without intervention,” said LeBlanc. “Fortunately, there is an amazing program at FMC that will help get you back to normal activities—the Spine & Joint Surgery Center.”