The Taylor House Offers More than Just Hospitality

For Debbie Gardner, 51, of the Grand Canyon, the thought of having to travel 150 miles on a daily basis to receive cancer treatments could have added more stress to her life. Fortunately, charitable contributions enable The Taylor House to offer cancer patients and families of patients a comfortable, convenient and inviting place to stay while receiving care or while their loved one is in the hospital.

For nearly a decade, The Taylor House has provided a “home away from home” for cancer patients receiving care at the Cancer Centers of Northern Arizona Healthcare and for families of FMC patients.

“Because cancer treatment itself can be stressful on anyone, traveling long distances from home to receive that treatment can be all the more exhausting,” said Bridget Morson, manager of The Taylor House. “We offer patients and their families a relaxing haven so they don’t have to worry about commuting back and forth during this difficult time.”

Calming Nerves
When Gardner learned she had cancer, she knew she would have to travel from home to receive the quality care she needed. While undergoing five and a half weeks of radiation therapy at the Cancer Center at FMC – rather than having to travel repeatedly to and from home – Gardner found a welcoming place to stay at The Taylor House.

“I’m so thankful that during this difficult time, not only was I receiving the best cancer care in the area, but I had a comfortable place to rest and supportive people to confide in,” Gardner said. “It was so nice to know that after my treatment each day, other cancer patients who were staying at The Taylor House were there to offer support and encouragement to each other.”

A Soothing Environment
Since The Taylor House opened its doors in 2001, the staff has provided accommodations for more than 6,000 families from 28 countries.

With 19 spacious bedrooms with private bathrooms, The Taylor House has an array of amenities, such as four fully equipped kitchens, wireless Internet and two outside garden patios. The Taylor House staff also can arrange for patient transportation to and from the Cancer Center and FMC.

For more information about The Taylor House or to make a contribution, call 928 226-0300 or visit