Enhanced Care for Infants


Each year, nationally more than half a million babies are born premature. These babies often need special care and nurturing to thrive. Flagstaff Medical Center’s Special Care Nursery prides itself on caring for the smallest of Northern Arizona’s patients.


Kyle and Heather Hiser found out firsthand about the expertise and compassion of the staff at FMC when their twin girls were born early at 28 weeks gestation. Both medical professionals – Kyle is an EMT and Heather is a physician’s assistant – they found themselves in need of help when Heather unexpectedly went into labor in August 2007. Because Heather went into labor so early, there were initially some questions about whether the babies would need to be transferred.

“Once the Special Care Nursery at FMC admitted the girls, the decision was made that we were going to stay,” said Heather Hiser. “We had confidence that the team at FMC truly cared about our babies so we never doubted our instincts.”


Home Away From Home

FMC became home for the Hisers, while their two daughters, Madison and Haley, stayed in the nursery for nine weeks.

“We loved our experience with the Special Care Nursery,” Hiser said. “It was like our home, and I don’t say ‘second home’ because we basically moved into the Special Care Nursery. The staff was wonderful – they are all very knowledgeable and caring people. No matter what, the staff was there to comfort, inform and empathize with us.”

Not only were the girls growing under the attention of the Special Care Nursery team, but their parents were learning as well.

“During the weeks we were in the Special Care Nursery, we learned so much,” Hiser said. “We learned how to care for a premature baby, how to perform infant massages, how to give a bath that will be developmental for a baby and how to provide everyday care for a child on oxygen. This made the transition from hospital to home easy for us.”