FMC Foundation External Funding Request Guidelines

Flagstaff Medical Center (FMC) is one of the region’s leading philanthropic organizations in the field of healthcare.  In support of community collaboration, FMC partners with the Flagstaff Community Foundation (FCF), an affiliate of the Arizona Community Foundation (ACF), as the means through which funding requests by external entities are entertained and allocated.

External funding requests must address community health care needs, adhere to the core mission of the hospital, or reflect projects that are deemed to be in the best interest of the hospital. Applicants must be a non-profit organization under 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Priority will be given to programs within FMC’s primary service area, as defined by the FMC Board of Directors.

By partnering with the FCF, our hospital is able to collaborate with other area funders and thereby to increase its capacity to provide financial assistance to community organizations.

Steps to Apply:

  1. Go to:
  2. Follow the instructions in the left menu bar either to Login or to Register.
  3. Follow instructions for Applying for Grants
  4. Do not send copies of your applications to the FMC Foundation.
  5. All ACF application procedures, time-lines and reporting requirements apply.
    Communication on the application and granting process is managed by the FCF.

FMC and FCF representatives will join together along with other participating Foundation representatives to carry out the review process on applications received.

The FMC Foundation will participate in the distribution of checks to those organizations that are approved for funding.

Questions regarding the FMC Foundation may be directed to Amanda Gerard at:, (928) 773-2158.

Questions regarding the Flagstaff Community Foundation may be directed to Pat Shriver at:, (928) 526-1956.

These guidelines do not apply to sponsorship requests typically pertaining to banquets, golf foursomes, etc. Requests of this nature may be submitted directly to the FMC Foundation,
1200 N. Beaver St. Flagstaff, AZ, 86001, Attention: Amanda Gerard.

FMC departments seeking funding should follow the Internal Request for Funding Guidelines provided on the FMC Foundation page on the Employee Portal. Departments that receive funding through this process may consult with the FMC Foundation about approaching the FCF for matching or supplemental funds, once an allocation by FMC has been made.