FMC Foundation Internal Funding Request Guidelines

Funding requests should address community health care needs, adhere to the core mission of the hospital, or reflect projects that are deemed to be in the best interest of the hospital. The Development Committee typically does not entertain requests for multi-year support.

Proposals from FMC departments should include answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the specific amount you are requesting? Funding is to be used within 12 months of award date.
  2. What is the specific program for which the funds are being requested?
  3. What is the overall budget for this project?
  4. How will the funds be used?
  5. Is this a one-time request or is this expected to be a recurring request?
  6. What is the estimated impact of the program on patients and/or staff (numbers served, ultimate cost savings, boost for morale, etc)?

Note: The Foundation Committee meets 4 times per year to review proposals. Please plan accordingly, allowing up to 90 days to receive feedback on the outcome of your request.

Checks or transfers of funds for approved requests will be processed within 14 days of approval. Check will be sent, along with an accompanying letter, to the requestor. Requestors who have been denied funding are notified by letter.

When the program concludes, a final report must be submitted to the FMC Foundation including:

  1. Program summary with number of individuals served
  2. Budget breakdown itemizing how the funds were spent
  3. Evaluation of program’s effectiveness and feedback from participants
  4. A high-resolution, digital photo with permission to use in promotional efforts as needed (digital photo may be emailed to
  5. Other pertinent information regarding the program’s success

Submit your proposal to: 
FMC Foundation
1200 N. Beaver St.  Attn: Amanda Gerard
Flagstaff, AZ 86001  or Fax to: (928) 773-2549

Questions may be directed to Amanda Gerard at:, (928) 773-2093.