Flagstaff Medical Center undergoes rigorous survey; once again earns national quality-based accreditation

June 27, 2013

Flagstaff Medical Center’s commitment to quality care was reaffirmed when the hospital once again received national accreditation from DNV Healthcare, the newest Medicare-certified hospital accreditation organization. The accreditation announcement followed a rigorous two-day survey by a three-member survey team.

FMC first made the decision in 2011 to pursue DNV accreditation to further its commitment to continually improve the quality of care it provides. According to William Bradel, FMC president and chief executive officer, DNV hospital accreditation addresses the demands of quality-driven hospitals that are dedicated to patient-centered care. 

“Earning national accreditation through a program such as DNV shows FMC’s commitment to quality, process improvement and providing excellent healthcare,” Bradel said. “Partnering with DNV supports our drive for excellence by helping us identify our strengths so we can continue to excel in those areas and assisting us in finding opportunities to improve. Working with DNV, we are able to focus on quality, innovation and continual improvement. ”

Throughout the extensive two-day survey, the team of surveyors praised FMC for the quality of patient care and the best practices that were in place to ensure patient safety and excellent care standards. The surveyors noted FMC’s willingness to make immediate changes when issues were identified, documentation standards related to patient and non-patient care protocols and commitment to providing patients the best hospital experience possible.

“We take our role as medical experts and patient care givers very seriously,” Bradel said. “The fact the DNV surveyors commented on our patient safety protocols, teamwork and passion of the staff, efforts to be prepared in case of a community disaster and our commitment to readily make changes to better patient care, is a testament to the dedication of the physicians and staff.”

DNV Healthcare Inc. is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Det Norske Veritas, a global independent foundation dedicated to safeguarding life, property and the environment. Since receiving its authorization from CMS in 2008, DNV’s process has quickly become recognized for taking a collaborative approach to working with hospitals on quality improvement.

That commitment to working together is why more than 360 hospitals around the country have chosen DNV for accreditation. Thirteen hospitals in Arizona have chosen DNV for their accreditation including Flagstaff Medical Center and Verde Valley Medical Center; Casa Grande Regional Medical Center; Florence Hospital at Anthem; Freedom Pain Hospital; Kingman Regional Medical Center; Maricopa Integrated Health System; Mountain Vista Medical Center; Scottsdale Healthcare’s Osborn, Shea and Thompson Peak Medical Centers; and St. Luke's Medical Center and Behavioral Health Center.

“DNV is an impressive system that focuses on quality and patient safety,” Bradel said. “They are very thorough, but the survey doesn’t feel like an inspection. Rather, it is more of a partnership that involves all levels of staff working together. DNV encourages us to use the talent and know-how of your own dedicated staff to find the absolute best way to do things.”

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Why Accreditation Matters to Healthcare Consumers
Accreditation can directly affect the quality of hospital care. Why? Because while undergoing the accreditation process, a hospital makes critical decisions about how it cares for patients as well as how it stores medications, allocates nurse staffing, and administers its policies and procedures.
By law, hospitals must be compliant with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Conditions of Participation to be reimbursed for care provided to patients covered by Medicare and Medicaid. Hospitals can verify they meet these CMS standards in one of two ways:
• They can choose to be accredited by one of three private organizations to which CMS has given the authority to verify conditions of participation: DNV, Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and the American Osteopathic Association.
• They can be certified by CMS itself, usually through state health departments.
The big difference in the DNV accreditation program is its emphasis on continual improvement and innovation. Historically, accreditation has been a rigid inspection not designed to promote new ideas within the hospital. DNV’s program, while being extremely rigorous, taps into the know-how of the hospital’s caregivers, techs and administrators to develop best practices.

DNV Healthcare’s hospital accreditation program is the only program that integrates the ISO 9001 quality management system with Medicare’s Conditions of Participation. ISO 9001 is recognized by businesses around the world as the benchmark for continual quality improvement. It provides a tried and tested framework and systematic approach to managing an organization’s processes so they consistently meet their customers' expectations. By integrating ISO 9001 standards with Medicare compliance standards, DNV’s hospital accreditation program emphasizes standardized processes, continual improvement and innovation. Partnering with DNV allows hospitals to worry less about the accreditation survey itself and spend more time on what matters most, like patient safety, infection prevention and other key challenges. Hospitals accredited by DNV have three years from their first survey to become compliant with the ISO 9001standards to maintain their accreditation with DNV.