FMC recognizes 2012 Nursing Excellence award recipients

May 18, 2012

Flagstaff Medical Center congratulates the 2012 FMC Nursing Excellence award recipients. Each year, FMC recognizes its nurses during Nurses Week. Part of the recognition includes the annual Nursing Excellence awards.

Peers chose these nurses for distinction in the following areas:

  • Distinguished Nurse of the Year: Dedication to an all-around excellence in nursing.
    Deb Ledington, Special Care Nursery
  • Advancing the Profession Through Evidence-Based Research: Contributions that have advanced and strengthened nursing as a profession.
    Catherine Riedel, Cardiovascular ICU/Evidence Based Practice
  • Advocacy for Patients: Perseverance on behalf of the patient; commitment to do what is needed to ensure support for the patient during times of need.
    Sherry Schultz, Cardiovascular
  • Clinical Education: Encourages professional and personal growth and actively participates in educating nurses in the clinical setting.
    Nancy Hagerman, Emergency/Evidence Based Practice;
    Cindy Sanders, Pediatrics, PICU, SCN/Evidence Based Practice
  • Innovation and Creativity: Contributions that have improved patient care or practice.
    Sherry Mace, Clinical Value
  • Leadership: Demonstration of exceptional leadership in nursing or patient care.
    Elisa Patton, Nursing Resources;
    Teresa Caughey, Emergency
  • Mentoring: Offering leadership and assistance to less experienced nurses.
    Stephanie Wiley, Emergency
  • Patient Care, Clinical Nursing: Providing exceptional patient care in the role of a clinical nurse specialist.
    Jesse Thibedeau, Labor and Delivery
  • Prenatal and Pediatrics: Influence and service in the care of prenatal, neonatal and pediatric patients which exemplify the mission to improve the health of babies.
    Terry Smith, Women and Infants’ Center/Evidence Based Practice
  • Rising Star: Exemplifying outstanding caring and professionalism within the first 18 months of practice.
    Laura Opfel, Women and Infants’ Center
  • Rural Nurse: Providing exceptional care to patients in rural areas of Northern Arizona.
    Kelly DeGraff, Telemedicine

The award recipients recently were honored during a ceremony at FMC. Additionally, the winners’ and all nominees’ names will be forwarded to the nationwide Nurse Week/Nursing Spectrum Nursing Excellence award contest and the March of Dimes Nurse of the Year Awards.