FMC's Continuing Medical Education Program receives highest level of accreditation

September 18, 2013

Flagstaff Medical Center is proud to announce its Continuing Medical Education (CME) program received full Accreditation with Commendation status from the Arizona Medical Association (ArMA). Accreditation with Commendation is the highest level of accreditation a facility can receive. FMC is currently recognized as one of the outstanding and premier CME organizations in the state, as it is one of three facilities in the state to hold this high accreditation.

Organizations meeting this level of accreditation have demonstrated a degree of excellence by acting as a strategic partner in quality initiatives within their institution, health system or community through collaborative alliances. Accreditation with Commendation is a six-year accreditation term versus a two- or four-year accreditation term. To be eligible for accreditation, the CME program must be accredited by the American Medical Association (AMA) and ArMA.

FMC’s CME program helps those in the medical field stay current and learn about new and developing areas of their field. Teaching tools can be live events, written publications, online programs or other electronic media. Content for these programs is developed, reviewed and delivered by faculty who are experts in their individual clinical areas.

FMC’s CME programs are produced in response to local and regional educational needs based on patient care needs in the area and region; to provide a forum for interaction between primary care physicians, specialists and other healthcare professionals; to promote professional awareness of, and access to, information about the prevention and management of illness; to build a bridge between emerging technologies and medical advances and healthcare professionals; and to provide a distinguished forum for the examination of healthcare issues and the advancement of science and medicine.
For more information about CME opportunities at FMC, contact Rich Henn, M.S.N., M.Ed., director of Education Services, Continuing Medical Education and Fit Kids of Arizona, at 928 773-2052 or by e-mail at