Cyndee’s Story

The decision to get bariatric surgery was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. Being overweight my entire life was taking its toll on my health—I knew I needed to make a big change.

After researching options for four years, I knew bariatric surgery was right for me. I went to a seminar in Phoenix and consulted with my local doctor. I was referred to Rob Berger, M.D., the new bariatric surgeon in Flagstaff. My consultation with Dr. Berger and his nurse, Nancy, was very comfortable. I felt they were truly concerned with my weight and health problems. Dr. Berger answered every question I had thoroughly, explaining each bariatric surgery option. After my consultation, I felt confident in receiving my surgery at Flagstaff Medical Center and I took the next steps toward better health.

While in the hospital, Dr. Berger and my nurse stopped by every day to see how I was doing. It was great to have them there to answer any questions I had and for the support they gave me. Everyone at FMC was positive, uplifting and compassionate throughout my bariatric journey. Once I was back home, the staff at FMC was still helping me toward recovery. I meet with Dr. Berger for a check up once a month, and with a dietitian to make sure I was eating right. Whenever I had a question I know I can call FMC, and they were more than willing to help.

This experience has been life changing in more than a physical sense; it has been lif changing emotionally for me as well. FMC offers bariatric surgery support groups for people who have had the surgery, will have the operation soon or are thinking about having it.

Throughout the process I kept asking myself, “Did I do the right thing?” Now, I know I did. It is one of the most vital parts of the program to know the decision you are making is the right one.

Through FMC, I got a holistic approach to my problem. It wasn’t just snip, cut, be on your way, but a healing process that will last.