Intensive Outpatient Program

What is IOP?
While some people may need inpatient hospitalization (usually at the onset of treatment) for chemical dependency, there are alternatives to inpatient treatment. FMC's Behavioral Health Services offers a program known as an Intensive Outpatient Program, or IOP. The program is innovative, holistic and effective in treating persons with addictions problems. While in the program, individuals continue their daytime activities, such as work and school, while attending the program in the evening.

IOP addresses the physiological, psychological, social and familial aspects of addiction. It includes the components of assessment, counseling, education and aftercare. Family members are strongly encouraged to attend some treatment sessions. Additionally, the IOP program strongly encourages participants to attend 12 step or other support groups as part of their treatment.

What are the treatment goals?

  • To develop a recovery program to maintain sobriety
  • To develop skills to cope with stress and emotional difficulties
  • To improve communication skills
  • To develop a new and healthy lifestyle

Who is eligible for the IOP?
The IOP at FMC is designed for individuals with chemical dependency (drug and alcohol). Criteria for entering the program include the following:

  • The person does not need detoxification services
  • The person does not have any medical conditions which will pose problems in an outpatient setting
  • The person commits to a drug/alcohol-free and gambling-free lifestyle

Are families involved?
Every effort is made to involve families in the program. The IOP philosophy recognizes that addiction is a family disease and impacts the family of the client with addiction problems. The family education portion of the program helps families to cope and heal.

How does someone begin IOP?
Our staff is available to answer questions about the program and the admission process. An individual appointment will be scheduled for an assessment interview to determine the most appropriate level of care to meet the client’s needs.

When does the IOP meet?
Intensive Phase: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 6 – 9 p.m.

Aftercare Phase: Available for four sessions, up to six months

Where does IOP meet?
The program is held at FMC's Behavioral Health Services Outpatient Clinic ,1200 N. Beaver St., West Campus, second floor.

Is the program covered by my insurance?
Many insurance plans now cover CD-IOP programs. Since these plans do vary in coverage, our patient account representatives will gladly meet with the client and families to answer questions and verify changes.

For further information about this program, call 928 213-6400.