Bereavement Services

The caring physicians and staff at Flagstaff Medical Center would like to express our condolences. We are aware of the deep sadness you, your family and friends are feeling.

FMC’s Bereavement Program is here to provide comfort to patients, families and friends before, during and after the death of a patient.

Although the journey is not easy, we can offer support, hope and guidance to help families begin the process of healing. The services provided through this program serve as an outlet for grief and a sense of closure for families and loved ones, as well as staff who are involved in the care of dying patients.

Our Services
The Bereavement Committee has a continued concern for a patient’s loved ones during the first year of bereavement after their loss. Some of the services provided to families during this time include:

  • Personal letters
  • Follow-up telephone calls
  • Resources such as booklets and written material discussing grief and loss
  • Referrals for support services

For more information, call 928 214-2731.