To Lose A Child Program

The To Lose a Child (TLC)program at Flagstaff Medical Center is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of parents and families who experience the loss of a pregnancy or the death of an infant or child.

This unique support program offers understanding, sensitivity and hope to bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents, assisting them toward positive resolution of their grief and loss.

TLC’s specially trained staff provides immediate help and support that enables grieving individuals to find strength to face the journey that lies ahead. 

The TLC program provides:

  • Resources such as pamphlets, books and written materials that discuss grief and loss
  • Supportive opportunities for parents, siblings and family members to honor the child and to say good-bye
  • Referrals for support services during hospitalization and after discharge
  • Follow-up phone call upon discharge
  • A handcrafted memory box to store keepsakes of the baby
  • A card to families on the occasion of the birthday or death anniversary of their child

If you have recently experienced the loss of a pregnancy or the death of a child and need help and support,
call TLC at 928 214-2731 and one of our caring facilitators will contact you.