Critical Care Ambulance

Critical Care Units – in the Field
Guardian Medical Transport ’s new Critical Care Ambulance is the first unit of its type in the
nation. The square nose, enormous tires and sturdy demeanor give rise to thoughts of a fire engine. However, the oversized ambulance isn’t equipped to fight fires; it is specially designed to provide critical care to patients who require more support over longer distances than a standard ambulance can provide.

Guardian Medical Transport and Guardian Air joined forces to purchase and staff the new unit in an effort to provide additional transport options for patients. The unit provides:

• Life-sustaining care to critical patients, many
of whom require specialized nurses in addition
to highly-skilled paramedics
• Transport services and care for patients who
require medical transport and emergency care
but are unable to be transported by air or other
ground ambulances due to size
• Long-distance transports for those patients who
are unable to fly or do not require the immediacy
of air transport
• Traditional on-scene emergency medical service
response as needed to support the efforts of
other EMS responders
• An advanced level of care from Guardian Air nurses
when needed

The unit includes a winch and a gurney that supports up to 1,500 pounds, allowing larger patients to be easily and gently loaded into the ambulance. The patient area is specially equipped to accommodate larger patients, additional personnel and more resources and medical equipment for long-distance transports.

“This new unit fills a void when it comes to patient transports,” said Mark Venuti, GMT director. “With the addition of the new ambulance, we literally now have critical care units on wheels, in the air and at the hospital. And, we can transport patients who in the past couldn’t be transported. This new unit is a great addition to the excellent medical care Flagstaff Medical Center provides to patients and visitors throughout Central and Northern Arizona and further.”