FMC Mended Hearts Support Group

Mended Hearts Support Groups are made up of the very kind of people it serves – those impacted by heart disease.

Mended Hearts is a national nonprofit organization that provides support to patients who have been impacted by heart disease. The program is dedicated to offering help, support and encouragement to patients with heart disease and their families.

With more than 450 chapters and 21,000 members across the U.S. and Canada, Mended Hearts programs partner with hospitals to provide patient-to-patient support care.

Members draw on personal experience as they inspire and help others by visiting them in the hospital and talking with them later in outpatient support group meetings. In turn, heart patients and their families gain hope through the experiences and support of those who have survived heart disease and now are healthy.

The Flagstaff chapter of Mended Hearts is sponsored by FMC and meets from 10 a.m. - noon, the third Saturday of each month in FMC’s Cardiac Rehab Gym (located across from the Dining Room on East Campus). 

For more information or to join the group call FMC’s Cardiac Rehab Gym
at 928 773-2224.