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If you are traveling abroad it is important to first see a medicine specialist at Flagstaff Medical Center. We offer comprehensive preventive healthcare for International Travelers.

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Travelers Clinic

Planning for good health is often overlooked by international travelers. At times there are rushed visits to various medical facilities, doctors and health department offices in last minute preparation for departure.

Frequently, travelers receive conflicting information from these various sources regarding recommendations for prevention and treatment of disease in various global destinations. This is partly due to frequent changes in preventive health and vaccination requirements established by national governments, the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Further, while some countries require certain vaccinations for entry, other areas may have no official requirements but still pose health risks to travelers.

International health advisories generated by various international sources and the CDC are reviewed frequently by travel medicine specialists so that recommendations reflect sound, current advice. The travel clinic is open to all types of travelers and foreign visitors, students, executives, tourists, performers, etc.

Individualized Counseling

Travel medicine specialists will provide a preventive healthcare plan based on your medical history and individual itinerary. For instance, if you are planning to travel to a malarious area, the proper antimalarial medication will be prescribed to you. Advance preparation and counseling of this sort for the prevention and management of illnesses common among travelers can substantially reduce the risk of travel disruption plans because of medical complications. Your current physical condition, type of areas you will be visiting, the kind of accommodations you will be using are a few factors which are taken into consideration when you are counseled for your trip.


The following immunizations may be recommended:

Cholera      Diphtheria           Influenza            Measles Meningococcus    Mumps    
Polio Pneumococcus Plague Rabies Rubella Tetanus
Typhoid Yellow Fever Gamma Globulin Hepatitis A    Hepatitis B

Vaccinations should ideally be given 6-8 weeks prior to departure.

Post Travel Screening

Travelers have access to expert and timely advice on problems he/she may have encountered while abroad. A number of infectious illnesses, particularly intestinal or blood parasites may produce symptoms for weeks or months after initial exposure. Sometimes, routine blood and stool microscopic examinations are recommended for travelers from certain areas.


Mark Lacy, M.D., board-certified Infectious Diseases specialist with additional credentials through the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene program in Clinical Tropical Medicine and two years field experience through the US Naval Medical Research Unit #2 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Travel immunizations, diagnosis and counseling are by appointment only, call 928 214-3832.