Pharmacy Services

Inpatient Pharmacy

Inpatient Pharmacy Services works with healthcare professionals to design, implement and monitor a therapeutic plan for FMC’s inpatients.

Our philosophy is to provide excellence in patient care and to achieve results that improve a patient’s quality of life.

Our mission is

  • To provide quality pharmaceutical services that foster efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness
  • To contribute to programs and services that emphasize the health needs of the community and the prevention of disease
  • To promote pharmaceutical care as an essential component of healthcare services. 

Our vision is excellence in providing pharmaceutical care and services. 

The Inpatient Pharmacy will:

  • Serve as a drug information resource for FMC and the community
  • Design medication schedules to assure compliance
  • Identify potential drug interactions and therapeutic duplication
  • Prevent, identify and report adverse drug reactions and medication errors
  • Provide pharmacokinetic consultation and monitoring
  • Provide education and in-services on pharmacotherapy
  • Collaborate with physicians and nurses to achieve optimal pharmacological therapy
  • Provide unit-dose drug distribution and computerized medication administration record
  • Provide patient education and discharge counseling
  • Formulary management
  • Provide renal monitoring and medication dosage adjustment program
  • Provide parenteral nutrition and heparin infusion protocols

Specialized Equipment

  • Pyxis Profile Automated Drug distribution — Patient's medication is dispensed to the nursing units using state-of-the-art automated medication cabinets. The nurses access the medication system via a touch-screen using their security code. Pharmacists pre-screen all physician orders for interactions and incompatibilities to ensure safe and effective therapy. Patients are able to receive their medications quicker than with traditional hospital medication systems.
  • Pharmacists utilize electronic medical records to ensure they have the most up-to-the-minute information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This enables the pharmacist to provide real-time patient care.
  • Carousel and Autopackager
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition Compounder

 Public Education

  • National Poison Prevention Week — A community awareness education program for preschool to third-grade students about poisons found in their environment. This program is held in the month of March.
  • National Pharmacy Week — This annual promotion is held in October. It is an effective way to educate patients about medications, while also promoting pharmacist’s services and expertise.
  • Flagstaff Medical Center is a training site for pharmacy students enrolled at the University of Arizona and Midwestern University in Glendale. The program is a six-week rotation that offers students specialized training in pharmacy, hospital pharmacy administration and adult medicine.

For more information, call 928 779-3366, ext. 12118