Joint Surgery

Thank you for considering Flagstaff Medical Center's Spine and Joint Surgery Center for your hip, knee or shoulder surgery.

Our program includes a comprehensive planned course of treatment to assist patients in restoring independence to healthy lives.

Patients stay in a dedicated unit within the hospital, where they are encouraged to participate in daily activities that are outlined in the daily newsletter located in their guidebook. Friends and family members are asked to serve as “coaches” and participate in the recovery process. Everyone is invited to take part in after-discharge care programs such as the Reunion Tea and Body Mechanics Refresher Course, depending on what type of surgery.

Our team of specially trained professionals who care for patients in the center, have adopted a "wellness model." We want to assist each patient in achieving the best outcome in a timely manner. We strongly believe the patient plays an important role in their recovery after surgery. We equip each patient with the necessary tools for recovery in a specialized, safe and friendly environment. All questions and concerns are addressed with courtesy and respect. If at any time the patient's needs aren't being met, please tell us - we strive to provide excellent patient care.

The Spine and Joint Surgery Center offers:

  • Total joint replacements for knees, hips  and shoulders
  • Revision surgery for previously implanted or worn out knee or hip prosthesis
  • The latest innovations in material and design including Oxinium and ceramics
  • Computer-assisted navigation for joint replacement surgery
  • Total hip and total knee replacement pre-surgery education programs to inform patients about what to expect after surgery

What makes the Spine and Joint Surgery Center unique:

  • Surgery days: The center is a dedicated unit within the hospital. Patients have surgery on certain days of the week and return home after a one to three-night stay in the hospital.
  • Patient involvement: The center has a comprehensive planned course of treatment for each patient. We believe the patient plays a key role in promoting a successful recovery. Our goal is to involve each patient in each step of the program.
  • Joint replacement patients are not sick: The center emphasizes a healthy outlook throughout the entire surgical experience. We don't consider joint replacement patients as sick; rather, they are people who need a procedure to help them achieve their lifestyle goals.
  • Patient coach: The patient’s family member or “coach” is present throughout the patient's hospital stay and helps motivate for a faster recovery. As part of our program, patients are able to share their recovery experience with others who are undergoing the same life-changing event.
  • Individual treatment plans: Every detail, from pre-operative education to post-operative exercise, is considered and reviewed with the patient. Individual treatment programs are overseen by a physical therapist and your surgeon.
  • Healthcare team: The healthcare team includes physicians, physicians’ assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, patient care and orthopedic technicians - all specializing in total joint care.

Program Features:

  • Nurses, therapists and technicians who specialize in the care of joint patients
  • Private rooms
  • Emphasis on group activities as well as individual care  
  • Family and friends are educated to participate as “coaches” in the recovery process
  • A comprehensive patient guide to follow from six weeks pre-op until three months post-op and beyond
  • Quarterly Reunion Tea for joint replacement graduates and coaches

Patient Safety:

FMC is committed to keeping our surgical infection rates low. To help meet this goal, the Spine and Joint Surgery Center is a “clean unit.” This means patients who have an infection cannot be on the unit. Additionally, all team members are trained to do their part in reducing the risk of infection.

At FMC, Patients Are Our Purpose - you are why we are here.