Our Team

The Spine and Joint Surgery Center has a team of specially trained physicians, nurses, therapists, care coordinators and technicians are prepared to care for every joint patient. Our team members have received extensive training in preparation for assisting the patient in this life-changing event.

Medical Staff

Physicians collaborating with FMC and the Spine and Joint Surgery Center include:

Timothy Bonatus, D.O.  
Torey Botti, M.D.
Bourck Cashmore, M.D.
John Durham, M.D.
John Flint, M.D.
Michael Glover, M.D.
Donald Hales, M.D.
John Hall, M.D.
Stephen Knecht, M.D.
Yuri Lewicky, M.D .
Mark Mellinger, M.D.  
Darius Moezzi, M.D.
Amber Randall, M.D.
Joel Rohrbough, M.D.

Bradley Nicol, M.D.
Stephen Ritland, M.D.
David Sacco M.D.