Surgical Services

Surgical Patient Information

Preparation for your pre-admission appointment:

At the same time your surgery is scheduled by your physician, you will be scheduled for an appointment with the pre-admission department at the hospital. If you have questions or concerns regarding your pre-admissions appointment, please contact the department at 928-773-2048. Check in at the surgical registration desk.

At your pre-admission appointment your nurse will complete your health history, ensure necessary testing is obtained and answer any questions you have. Please bring a current list of your medications, including prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, supplements, and herbals with dosages, for the nurse to review. Please also provide a complete list of allergies and prior surgical history.

Anticipate spending between 1-2 hours for this appointment and testing to be completed. Testing may include EKG, labs, and chest x-ray. Not all patients require an in-office visit; some interviews will be completed by telephone instead. Some tests may be performed at an alternate facility close to your home if needed. These results must be faxed to the pre-admission office (fax: 928-773-2416).

If you take Plavix, Aspirin or Coumadin, please make sure your surgeon is aware of this, as these medications may need to be stopped several days prior to surgery. DO NOT stop any medication without your physician's approval. Your nurse will instruct you regarding medications to be taken the day of surgery.

If you have a pacemaker or AICD please make sure your surgeon is aware of this. The pre-admission nurse will need to obtain information regarding this device, including the type of device and manufacturer, as well as documentation of the most recent check of its functioning.

The pre-admission nurse will also need to obtain a copy of any prior heart testing that you have had along with notes from your cardiologist if you see one. Registration personnel can assist you with insurance authorization or verification during your appointment.

The day before surgery:

Please shower prior to your admission. Use hospital provided soap if instructed. DO NOT shave your surgical area.

Please notify your surgeon if you develop sore throat, fever, or cough.

If your surgery is scheduled to be out-patient, please arrange for transportation to and from the hospital, as you will be unable to drive yourself home. A responsible adult will need to be present at time of discharge to review discharge instructions and accompany you home. If you live alone please arrange for someone to stay with you the night you go home.

DO NOT eat or drink anything after midnight the evening before surgery, unless otherwise instructed by your pre-admission nurse. This includes water, gum, hard candy, lozenges, smoking and chewing tobacco.

Day of surgery:

Do not wear make-up or lotion. Leave jewelry and valuables at home.

Please take medications as instructed with a sip of water before arrival. Please use inhalers as you normally would and bring them with you to the hospital.

Children scheduled for surgery MUST have one parent or guardian stay at the hospital at all times during the surgical experience.

It is important to arrive at the time you were instructed. Usually your arrival time will be 2 hours prior to your surgery time. You will check in at the registration desk and then be escorted to the preop holding area where you will be greeted by an RN specializing in preoperative care.

Your anesthesia provider will meet and discuss with you the anesthesia most appropriate for your procedure.


Your length of stay in the hospital will be determined by your physician, procedure and type of anesthesia you receive.

Written discharge instructions will be provided to you by your recovery room nurse should you be discharged from the facility the same day of your surgery.