The Taylor House

The Taylor Hospitality House Testimonials

"We are so appreciative of the staff and hospitality at The Taylor House. The environment immediately calms you and we certainly needed calming."

"Comfortable, caring. Great kitchen set up-so organized and clean. Nice room, friendly staff. The quilt theme is a comforting idea. The Taylor House made our stay here so much easier, a real blessing."

"As a guest in your country, traveling with friends from Tucson, I much appreciate the wonderful hospitality experienced here and the kindness shown by everyone in a time of crisis."

"Thank you for such a wonderful house that offers genuine kindness, peace, comfort and hope."

"I thank you. The one bright spot in our trying time was coming here."

"We felt very welcomed and supported through this difficult time. The beauty and warmth of this facility has definitely been an oasis to our family."

"When life throws you a curve ball, it is a blessing to have someone there to help you catch it. You are appreciated, all of you who contribute to this wonderful place."

"The moment I walked into The Taylor House, I felt better. Almost like home. Thank you for such a warm and homey atmosphere, so helpful during a stressful time."

"Taylor House provides a place to heal the troubled soul. It adds peace and tranquility to lives that are in turmoil. It is so clean and so beautifully decorated and has all the convenience of home. The staff is amazing-warm welcoming, and very helpful."

"This is a wonderful service to offer to the families of patients. At a time of great difficulties, your home was a great convenience and extremely comfortable."

"From the moment I entered the door, I felt a sense of calm, warmth, and hospitality, and knew that eventually everything would turn out well. Your superb staff and the supportive people I met during my stay always helped me to feel that life would begin again."