Jo Dockstader, F.N.P.

"When I get to know an entire family, it makes it easier to truly understand the circumstances of someone’s home life and how it affects their health."

Jo Ellen Dockstader, F.N.P., is a certified family nurse practitioner with Team Health in Flagstaff. Team Health is a service of Flagstaff Medical Center.

Expertise and special interests
For 10 years, Jo enjoyed working as a nurse. For three of those years, she worked full time as a traveling nurse in critical care and emergency departments around the country.

During that time, she worked at Flagstaff Medical Center and fell in love with Flagstaff and the community. After returning to school to become a nurse practitioner, Jo visited the Dominican Republic to work in the rural health clinics. She relocated to Flagstaff from Santa Rosa, Calif., where she was working as a family nurse practitioner resident. She has a special interest in cardiology and enjoys caring for the entire family.

Education and certification
Jo received her nursing degree at Columbia Basin Community College in Pasco, Wash. In 2007, she went
back to school to earn her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing at Northeastern University in Boston, Mass. She graduated in May 2011. The final three years she worked teaching the undergraduate nursing students in the skills lab.

Jo is board-certified as a family nurse practitioner by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.