Special Community Programs and Wellness Classes

Industrial Rehabilitation Program

Services are provided to reduce the incidence of work-related injuries through pro-active, aggressive injury prevention and to minimize the associated rehabilitation costs to employers and employees when injury occurs.

Program Services:

    • Injury Prevention Education — Provides employer/employee with information on body mechanics and other safe work practices to reduce the likelihood of reinjury.
    • Functional Capacity Assessment and Structured Return to Work — Provides an evaluation of post-injury capabilities and identifies the work that an injured individual could safely perform while recovering from the injury.
    • Physical Assessment/Repetitive Injury Risk Screening — Identifies employees who are at variable risk for developing injuries as the result of jobs they perform.
    • Work Site Analysis—Evaluates the tasks required to complete specific jobs and provides ergonomic assessment and recommendations to decrease injury or how to perform jobs safely.
    • Work Conditioning — Provides progressive treatment to restore the injured patient’s ability to safely return to work.

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