Special Community Programs and Wellness Classes

Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

A spinal cord injury often results in a loss of ability to move and/or feel. The spinal cord does not have to be completely severed for this loss to occur.

Approximately 7,800 new spinal cord injuries occur each year in the U.S.  

The Rehabilitation Center offers services to people who have had a spinal cord injury to assure they are able to return to their highest possible level of independence.

Program Services include:

  • Experts in the area of rehabilitation who understand how to help a patient return to an active life.
  • Rehabilitation starts in the acute care setting with therapists who work with the patient and family.
  • A continuum of care follows the patient from the acute stay until he or she is ready for discharge home with recommendations for the appropriate follow-up services.
  • The involvement of the family and significant others in all aspects of care so they are able to help the patient become as independent as possible.

For more information, please call 928 773-2125.