Pre-Admitting to the Perinatal Unit

The staff of Flagstaff Medical Center Women and Infants’ Center welcomes you.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO PRE-REGISTER: Admission is a two step process.

Step one: Registration
• You will receive a phone call from the FMC’s Admissions Counselor. The caller will request basic information
including your address, telephone number, insurance and other related information needed to properly
register you for your hospital stay.

Step two: Labor and Delivery Phone Profile
• You will need to schedule your Labor and Delivery phone Profile. The Phone Profile involves sharing your medical history as well as important information about your pregnancy. The ideal time for your profile appointment is when you are 30-32 weeks pregnant.
• When you schedule your Labor and Delivery phone Profile, you may also request to schedule a tour of the labor and delivery unit. Dates and times will be provided during this initial call.
• On the day and time you have scheduled your Labor and Delivery phone Profile, you will be receive a phone call by an RN from the FMC Labor and Delivery Department. The Profile takes approximately 20-30 minutes.
• To schedule your Phone Profile and/or a unit tour, please call: 928-773-2121

During your phone profile appointment with your nurse, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and talk about your needs and plans. This could be the beginning of the development of your birth plan. We would like your stay at FMC to be a positive experience for you and your family. This planning process assists us to be ready for your arrival. Just as you have your own physician, you will also need to choose a physician who will care for your baby after the birth. You can let the nurse know the physician’s name during this pre-admission process.

We hope that your visit with the registered nurse and your tour of the unit will help you become familiar with our services and setting. We look forward to meeting you and working together to help you plan your special birth experience!