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Here’s what expecting parents are saying about our Prepared Childbirth classes:

The Parenting 101 Class was helpful, fun and interactive. We thoroughly enjoyed this class and recommend it to all expecting and new parents.
I strongly recommend the Parenting 101 class for all expecting and new parents. It was very reassuring to have such a knowledgeable and experienced instructor to answer our questions about parenting. Having other new parents in the class was great - for we made some new friends and playmates for our baby.
After attending our Parenting 101 class we realized that parenting can’t be learned from a book or the Internet. Taking this class, having an experienced instructor who addressed our specific questions and meeting other expecting and new parents was just what we needed to build our confidence.
The Family & Friends CPR and First Aid class was excellent – the instructor was thorough and the safety information essential. Thank you!
What a great instructor! We learned so much in our Family & Friends CPR and First Aid course. We recommend it to all new parents.
I’ve always been concerned about providing a safe environment for my grandchildren. Now that I’ve taken the Family & Friends CPR and First Aid class, I feel better prepared and more confident about measures to take in an emergency situation.
I love being able to attend the Prenatal Yoga classes each month. I’m meeting other expecting moms and learning how to be more relaxed and centered for my childbirth experience. Thank you!
The Prenatal Yoga classes cover just what I need to be prepared for my birth experience.
What a great Prenatal Yoga class! The instructor is very knowledgeable and caring. I recommend this class to all expecting moms.
The Infant Massage class covered so much valuable information to help me bond with my baby and improve her sleep patterns – thank you!
Our Infant Massage instructor was so patient, kind and experienced. We truly appreciated her knowledge and professionalism.

"The Boot Camp for New Dads provided a laid-back atmosphere in which the instructor not only followed thorough guidelines but also asked the group what we most wanted to learn. The class was a positive experience that left me feeling better prepared to be a father."

"We all have questions about how to prepare not only for the financial and medical aspects of parenting but also the social implications - how becoming a father will affect relationships with our friends, families and spouses. Our instructor took the time to find out about our apprehensions and offer affirming advice."

The Boot Camp for New Dads really calmed my fears about helping mom and baby. I recommend this class to all expecting and new dads."

"The Boot Camp for New Dads gives great advice from someone who has been through it."

I loved our Preparing for Birth class. It was informative and uplifting and our instructor was professional and very knowledgeable. I feel much more prepared than I thought I would. Thank you!"
"Having hands-on learning opportunities in our Preparing for Birth class was great. The instructor was very experienced and kept our class interesting and fun."
"I thoroughly enjoyed my Labor Basics class. It was a very positive, educational experience and was much better than I anticipated."
"Our Labor Basics class was excellent and interactive. Our instructor was a caring nurse and an experienced mom who was very patient with questions."
"Thank you so much for offering the Infant and Mother Care class. This class helped me to feel more comfortable and confident in caring for my first baby."
" Breastfeeding Basics was a great class. I learned so much about what to expect and how to manage breastfeeding once I return to work. I highly recommend this class to all mothers who will be breastfeeding for the first time."
"We really enjoyed our Infant Massage class. We were amazed to learn about all of the health benefits of massaging babies. We are looking forward to using the massage techniques with our child."

"We thought that we had all of the information that we needed for preparing for childbirth from books and the Internet. We're so glad that we decided to attend the Preparing for Birth series. These classes and our experienced instructor offered us so much more. Now we feel we're truly prepared!"